Well-known NHS Doctor appraisals company

This company supports healthcare organisations managing their doctor appraisals.

Project Scope


Backend development

Frontend development

UI/UX design

Multi-tenancy architectures




This company offers a suite of software products that cover the entire medical revalidation spectrum. As such the technical complexity of the underlying solutions is considerably high given the number of steps and processes required to complete such revalidations. Our work was mainly in the following areas:

  1. DevOps (reproducibility of setup, load balancing).

  2. Additional features development for administrators.



Our first major work on the platform was to transform this company’s production environment from a single node to use three (3) nodes for database replication and web server load distribution. This also required moving assets from an in-server location over to Amazon Web Services S3 buckets.

The goal was also to do this in a totally automated manner, so that the service could quickly be put into production from scratch if required and also provide a way for this company's in-house developers to test a the multi-server setup themselves.

After moving forward with the setup we then contributed to the development of new features, including saving inbound emails' attachments into the platform, and an improved audit log for administrators to review user activity.



This company improved its backend server architecture to increase its availability and reliability and moved to Zero Downtime deployments to improve the ease of delivering new features. Implementation of additional features was done as well.

  1. Increased availability and better feature delivery through a Zero Downtime Deployment implementation.

  2. Activity logging and auditing re-implemented and simplified for better performance and insight.

Case Study

Well-known NHS Doctor appraisals company

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Managing Director
Well-known NHS Doctor appraisals company

Codescrum are extremely technically competent. We have been working with them over a period of two years now and are continually impressed by their ability to keep abreast of the latest technologies whilst keeping their solutions pragmatic and grounded in proven technologies. But the real benefit of working with Codescrum is the trust. Working on complex technical problems is a classic principal-agent problem and thus requires a deep level of trust; you must trust your technical consultants that diversions and recommendations from the original scope are well founded and honest. Having spent time getting to know Jairo and his team on a personal level, I feel confident in giving them projects that require a high level of autonomy and intellectual rigour. I would confidently recommend Jairo and Codescrum to any company looking to outsource elements of their software development.

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