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It is an agency that helps filmmakers engage actors with films.

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This agency established a new way of working that made a huge impact on the film industry and proudly was the first agency to take digital photographs of all its artistes. Many advances in technology have been made since then, but we have always remained at the forefront and were also the first to use text messaging systems to contact the artistes before it was even commercially available. The currently developed back-office application has a substantial complexity in its management and is comprised of several areas. The following were the most significant challenges faced:

  1. To complete an internal financial system which required a custom workflow to be implemented matching the characteristics of the business model.

  2. To increment the number of user registrations.

  3. To account for internal workload analytics for people involved in the process.

  4. To save time in communicating selected artistes to customers.

  5. To simplify the current booking workflow and information tracking.



In the beginning, we made sure to have a profound understanding of the business model and current way of operation of the firm to ensure we had a solid base upon to think an adequate solution.

We spent time defining key concepts and even writing the business process ourselves to make sure we understood precisely the challenge we were facing.

Afterward, we got to design a solution which encompassed the workflow and which also took into account potential errors and mistakes that could be made along the journey. This level of foresight allowed us to roll back certain steps if necessary and made them open to corrections.

For incrementing the number of registered users we took base measures of the current operating standards and reviewed the way in which this process was being made.

Eventually, we decided it was best to rethink the registration process to make it more streamlined.

A great deal of data was needed to create the user accounts because of the nature of the business. A moderation system was put in place also to have the ability to check registrants before their publication.

Most of the workload analytics were taken from the database itself, but also, we integrated as another form of querying the data to generate customized reports easily.

Quickly communicating artiste selection to customers is of vital importance for moving projects forward, so we had to rethink the way this was done, which was mainly using PDFs that the application generated. We talked it through with our customer offering several alternatives, and at the end, a more modern approach to information sharing was implemented.

Finally, we upgraded other modules of the application to increase productivity. We simplified the booking workflow to reduce training requirements and ease employee onboarding in this way.



This agency adopted the platform as the main point of control for essential business activities, and the financial module quickly overtook their previous accounting system, making it far easier to manage its balances.

The user registration process was streamlined to account for a completely web based application process which allowed people to pause their registration at any point and come back later. The active user base doubled in a matter of a couple of months.

The workload analytics implementation using let administrators create their own filters and queries for computing efficiency and turnover over specific projects, people and time periods.

Customers now expect interactive books for artiste selection instead of PDFs sent by email. The time, it takes to communicate back and forth selection decisions, has been cut almost tenfold.

The redesigned workflow simplifies communication between users and internal staff, as well as organizing the work into more manageable chunks while offering a complete historical list of the decisions made. This has significantly minimized errors and misunderstandings when having to coordinate large projects.

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Senior Product Manager
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Codescrum has inherited my company’s highly customised and complex web application. The application centres on background extras in the UK film and TV industry.

On top of this there is a highly integrated customised finance system, built specifically for the film and TV industry. This allows us to invoice, make payments and generate financial reports.

Although Codescrum has not been the original developers on this project, it has changed hands twice to date; Codescrum has been exceptional in their development of the app.

Initial hand over with the previous developers was seamless. Progression so far has been dictated by the agile product management and cannot fault anything that has been done to date.

The attention to detail, Codescrum has displayed, is also exceptional and cannot recommend them enough in this regard. For example our cheque printing system (also built into the app) was printing out by 2mm and although it wasn't important to change (what is 2mm over an !4 sheet of paper) the developer made specific requests to me so he could align aspects of the cheque perfectly.

There is an open and clear line of sight working towards our goal and although the developers are based half way around the world in South America, there is little to no fault in communication. Jairo is also based locally and able to deal with any pressing issues should they arise.

Meetings are scheduled and easy to work through over Skype. Testing updates and changes is straightforward and all the work has been delivered on time. In fact, additional work has been completed as at certain stages the amount of time needed was overestimated.

I have an amateur’s knowledge of the systems Codescrum are using, but can see they aim to follow best practices and seem to enjoy creating well-written code. In some instances completely rewriting work completed by other developers.

The app is still in development but nearing a close. At this stage Codescrum has been excellent and would highly recommend them as a company to help you build a web application that you have.

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