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Providing workspace and advocacy, supporting innovation to artists.

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SPACE is a leading visual arts organization providing creative workspace, advocacy, support and promoting innovation.

Established by artists in 1968, SPACE runs 19 artist studio buildings across 7 London boroughs and Colchester, providing affordable creative workspace plus support programmes, such as exhibitions, artists residencies, bursaries and training opportunities, to enable artists to be sustainable. SPACE also delivers Learning projects for schools, young people and communities neighbouring SPACE studio sites, to promote engagement with creativity and the arts.

SPACE supports 700 artists with studios and a further 700 a year with professional development. Additionally, SPACE engages 22,000 people a year through public programmes.

SPACE's operations are supported by an administration system built in Ruby on Rails to allow for the management of its buildings, studios and tenancy contracts. To aid in this management, some highlighted challenges were:

  1. Alleviate some data inconsistencies found on financial records due to incomplete or duplicate tenant data.

  2. Improve tenants' information awareness and service.

  3. Increase the successful response rate for studio related issues, while reducing staff workload.



Codescrum took over this administration system to support its continued development. The first step was to improve the data input process for tenant information. We developed functionality to manage data duplication, allowing identification, merging and removal of these records. This improved data consistency and report accuracy.

Email notifications for many critical processes were implemented to function right from the administration system through the integration with a transactional and mass emailing platform, and furthermore, a ticketing system to account for quick feedback and resolution of issues.

In addition to this, we built a tenant portal to provide account balances to current residents and reduce the number of payment related inquiries to administrative staff.



  1. Tenants now are happy to see their information in a straightforward and accessible way at any time. And the workload for SPACE's staff has been reduced. Tenancy inquiries have been practically eliminated through the use of the web portal.

  2. The invoicing process, which used to take a lot of the time as a manual procedure, is now digital. Invoices are automatically generated and sent by email to residents. Payments and then be confirmed online at the web portal.

  3. The firm has a stable platform to support the core business operation.

  4. Automated synchronization between the tenancy system and marketing email platform allowed for better tenant management and information flow between the operational areas of the company.

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Leading visual arts organization

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Operations Director
Leading visual arts organization

Jairo and his Codescrum team are great to work with. They are attentive to all the details, expectations and efficient delivery. Importantly when something is not possible for any reason, rather than saying they can do it, they are honest about all options - saving time and building trust.

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