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A UK Government Department commissioned this design agency to build and manage an online Digital Asset Management (DAM) system for their corporate content. The system required a substantial data update due to change of administration and there was the need to perform this operation before a tight deadline. The specific tasks we were handed over were:

  1. Mass User Profile Creation using raw data files (Excel) into a PHP application's database.

  2. Mass User Profile Update of existing users to account for a permissions role change.

  3. Mass User Communication of Login Details integrated with the existing platform's a password recovery mechanism.

  4. Test Backup & Restore Procedures for the entire system.

  5. Rescuing and securing one of our customer's managed sites from an actual hacker attack which used SQL injection to deface the site.



Even though the web application in question was built on PHP, Codescrum team was able to implement simple Ruby scripts to communicate with the database to execute the needed tasks. We also cleaned and validated the input data for duplications, missing fields and other types of errors and provided a detailed report of the data migration operation, without the need to alter any of the existing codebase.

We suggested the use of an existing mass-emailing third party service for communicating the password recovery instructions and codes. This was a simplification of the original proposal that was necessary to be able to comply with the tight deadline.

The backup and restore procedures were tested and documented for quickly bringing the site back up. This proved to be an invaluable safety net, since only a couple of months later, the site was victim of a widespread SQL injection attack targeting many corporate UK Government websites.

Security countermeasures at the server, application, and DNS layers were implemented to prevent such attacks in the future.



Data migration and update was completed to schedule, allowing usage of the site the same day it was finished without issues.

Data restoring procedures and documentation left for the client was proven invaluable for rescuing the service after the website was victim of a widespread SQL injection attack targeting many corporate UK Government websites.

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Senior Designer
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I was recommended Jairo and the Codescrum team by a friend who said they were the 'only dev team he would leave his young child with!'...

Jairo, Miguel and the rest of the Codescrum team were very professional in their approach to the project in hand - some SQL database manipulation and Linux server configuration. Their communication skills, friendliness, clear communication and documentation made the project run smoothly and to schedule. Their background of working with UK Government Departments was also very reassuring.

I wouldn't hesitate commissioning them again if I need something executing professionally and to schedule. It's good to have worked with a team who obviously know what they are doing.

London - UK

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November, 2015 - January, 2016